About E. Konomi

Elisa Konomi is a young well known writer in Albania. She was born in the capital Tirana, where she studied Finance at the University of Tirana. Since she was at primary school she started writing poetry or used to rewrite stories she liked by changing the end. In April 2017 her short story "The Island`s secrets" was published for the first time in an anthology in Australia with integrated elements from reality, classic literature and fantasy. Two months later she won the first prize in the “National short story competition 2017”. Later on June her first book “Bikexit” was published and released on Amazon. In October, Elisa Konomi was awarded in the international writing contest for young writers “A Sea of Words” in Barcelona, with “A short story by Anne Frank”. She has written and published different short stories, fairy tales, articles for international blogs and her blog.
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