Donations – Support Ukraine!

FOMOSO is also observing the situation in Ukraine with great concern. Certain of our former and current interns or freelancers from Ukraine report on their situations and their fears and needs. Thus, we cannot just watch what is going on there. We want to help the people in Ukraine in general.
That’s why FOMOSO is calling for a donation here!

Reason for payment: “UKRAINE”

We are a small non-profit organisation from Switzerland and we can therefore forward 100%. We make it all transparent. No Swiss franc or Euro is used for our own commitment here. We are currently working with other organisations as well. The donations are then used in the right places or passed on to the people in need.

Thank you!


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Forum für Mittelost- und Südosteuropa
Schlossmattweg 7
CH-4413 Büren SO
Alternative Bank Schweiz
Amthausquai 21
CH-4601 Olten
Canton Solothurn
Bank-Clearing: 8390
Bank account: 344.844.100-01
PC-Nr.: 46-110-7
IBAN: CH08 0839 0034 4844 1000 1

If you want to know more or you have some questions about FOMOSO, please do not hesitate to contact our founder Roman Oeschger any time (

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