Goals of the Forum für Mittelost- und Südosteuropa (FOMOSO)


Goal Settings:

As an independent and non-profit organisation, FOMOSO promotes the opinion-forming about Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe (CESE or abbreviated in German: MOSO) in the German-speaking world and in whole Europe. Furthermore, the aim of FOMOSO is to promote knowledge and interests about political processes in Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe. On the whole, FOMOSO works on an integrative and strong Europe!


Goals in Detail:

  • Strengthening European integration of the MOSO countries
  • Supporting and deepening regional cooperation among countries
  • Supporting constructive ideas for a political enrichment
  • Improving social-political knowledge about MOSO in the German speaking world
  • Being a contact point for all people who deal with the topic MOSO
  • Being a contact point for social-political questions about MOSO
  • Providing platforms (i.e. Website, Social Media, etc.) in order to promote vivid discussions
  • Providing possibilities for students, journalists, professors and all kinds of engaged people to get them involved in sharing information
  • Collecting and evaluating of information
  • Providing a news overview
  • Offering training opportunities