Organisations & Institutions

Here you can find a clear table of organisations, institutions, NGOs, foundations or research institutes that are in MOSO or that deal with the MOSO region:

ADRAAlbaniaNGO info@adra.alALDA – The European Association for Local Democracy, is dedicated to the promotion of good governance and citizen participation at the local level. ALDA focuses on activities facilitating cooperation between local authorities and civil society.
Agenda InstituteAlbaniaThink-tank info@agendainstitute.orgAgenda wants to get involved in the policy making process or involve citizens in these processes in order to respond better to their needs in public policy. The focus of the think tank is on central and regional governance, democratization of institutions and the EU integration process. Agenda also serves as a source of information and publishes u. a. Research Papers and Info Brochures.
AIIS-Albanian Institute for Internationa StudiesAlbaniaNGO, NPO aiis@aiis-albania.orgAIIS is a research institute dealing with Albanian security policy issues. The focus is primarily on security policy, democracy, transatlantic relations and regional cooperation.
Albanian Forum for the Alliance of CivilizationsAlbaniaNGO info@afalc.orgThe Albanian Forum for the Alliance of Civilization (AFALC), a non governmental organization, created in July 17, 2007, with the initiative of the former Minister of Foreign Affaires, Mr. Besnik Mustafaj with a group of politicians, diplomats and personalities from the Albanian civil society. Together with other similar initiatives worldwide, AFALC responds to the broad consensus among nations, cultures and religious beliefs that all societies are inter-dependent in their endeavours for development, security and economic prosperity.
Albanian Institute of ScienceAlbaniaNGO info@ais.alThe institute leads several projects that enrich scientific research in Albania once a year. The last major project deals with more transparency supported by Open Data Usability. AIS is also known in the countries of Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia. On the website under the point "Contact" you will find the current projects of the NGO.
Balkans Youth CouncilAlbaniaOrganisation
Public Diplomacy info@bycouncil.orgBalkan Youth Council commits to education, innovation, renewable energy and the environment. The organization wants to empower young people to create prospects in structurally weak regions of the Western Balkans. Furthermore BYC wants to do this by exchanging programs, internships, cultural exchanges, trainings, conferences, workshops etc.
Balkan Youth Link Albania (BYL-A)AlbaniaNPO info@byl-a.orgBalkan Youth Link Albania aims to promote cross-border youth initiatives and advance local and regional youth leadership. BYL-A advocates for development of active civil society, rule of law, and rights of marginalised groups.
Beyond BarriersAlbaniaNGO office@beyondbarriers.orgThe NGO takes care of the needs of socially disadvantaged people with the help of their volunteers. The organization wants to empower people with limitations and other abilities so that they can lead a self-determined and self-responsible life.
Center for Historical and Anthropological ResearchAlbaniaInstitute info@formal-informal.euResearch and regional cooperation
Center for Regional Initiatives/ Qendra për Iniciativa cri_regional@yahoo.comThe non-profit organisation has an objective to promote and develop regional initiatives along in cooperation with other regional actors in order to improve socio-economic conditions, as well as democratic standards in Albania.
CnellAlbaniaNGO, NPO, is a Non governmental, non profit, non political, independent organization, that promotes non formal education and lifelong learning as means to contribute to the development of individuals & organizations and to enable active participation and citizenship in a multicultural, democratic and open civil society.
Cooperation and Development InstituteAlbaniaThink-tank info@cdinstitute.euCDI is an Albanian think tank focused in analyzing and contributing to public policy at national and regional scale.
Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB Albania) - Zyra në GjirokastërAlbaniaNGO gro.bwhc@cizdah.aljelCHWB is committed towards preserving cultural heritage in territories affected by conflict and/or human and natural disaster.The organisation operates on cross-cultural/cross-boundary basis.
EcovolisAlbaniaNGO info@ecovolis.comEcovolis is an environmental group which is dedicated to reducing air polution in Albania. The key characteristic of the organisation is bike sharing system, developed with the purpose of protecting the environment and promoting healthy lifestyle.
GUS AlbaniaAlbaniaNGO | info@gusalbania.alGUS has been established as NGO in 1993, starting its activities in the Balkans. We are presently engaged mostly in the field of human rights issues connected to massive migrations.
IDM-Institute for Democracy and MediationAlbaniaNGO info@idmalbania.orgThe NGO is focused on the advancement of societal capacities with an objective of strengthening democracy and promoting sustainable development. IDM offers research, expertise. and policy analysis.
Institute AdrianopolAlbaniaThink-tank coordinator@adriapol.alThe Institute offers open-ended activities and services for everyone or any subject interested on issues for the integrated and sustainable regional and European economic development, governance, urbanization, environment, life, education and industry.
Institute for Contemporary StudiesAlbaniaInstitute’s aim is to promote and support the development of the Albania, based on free and functional market economy, consolidated democracy, rule of law, modernization and Europeanization, through engagement in: policy development and implementation. institutional and human capacity development. encouraging public information and participation.
International Center for Southern EuropeAlbaniaNGO info@icse-co.orgWe have created a website, a FB campaign, Workshops and conferences to inform Albanian youth graduated in Tuscany about job and professional opportunity in their home country. In fact Albania is a growing economy with a large part of the population living abroad and need high qualified human resources that are not available there at the moment. We also promoted the opportunity to Italian businesses working in the Balkans to invest on Albanian youth in Tuscany.
Instituti i Europës Juglindore për Kontratën Shoqërore (SSCI)/ Institute of South Eastern Europe for Social ContractAlbaniaNGO socialcontractinstitute@gmail.comThe NGO is dedicated to promotion of political, economic, and social policies and programmes, aiming to further sustainable development in countries in transition through regional cooperation.
Instituti i Kulturës Rome në Shqipëri (IRCA)/ Institute of Roma Culture in AlbaniaAlbaniaNGO info@irca.alThe mission of the organisation is to advocate for Roma's equal access to citizens' rights, provide education and career counselling for Roma community, conduct research on their culural heritage, and promote intercultural exchange between Roma and non-Roma youth.
Instituti i Studimeve të Europës Juglindore/ Institute of south eastern EuropeAlbaniaInstitute and regional cooperation
Instituti për Bashkëpunim dhe Zhvillim (CDI) Cooeration and Development InstituteAlbaniaThink-tank info@cdinstitute.euPolitically independent NGO which is dedicated to improving quality of public policy. For that purpose, the organisation conducts research, analysis, organises round-tables and public events, focusing on good governance, EU connectivity, and youth and society.
Kosovo Center for International CooperationAlbaniaNGO ngo.kcic@gmail.comThe focus of the organisation is to increase and encourage civic activism, strenghten the sense of community, ensure good governance, and support local and national initiatives for development in Kosovo.
KZLNAlbaniaNGO has been established on March 6th, 2014, as an independent, non-partisan coalition with the goal to contribute to the organization of free, fair, transparent, and democratic elections in Albania
PVN Albania (is a branch of SCI)AlbaniaNGO info@pvnalbania.orgPVN Albania is a NGO that promotes peace through volunteer work and exchange of volunteers worldwide
Qendra për Bashkëpunim dhe Zhvillim Rajonal (RCDC) Center for Cooperation and Rural DevelopmentAlbaniaNGO info@rcdcalbania.orgThe mission of the organisation is to further the understanding of sustainable regional development. It is concerned with employment issues, poverty, gender equalty, healthcare, cultural heritage, tourism development, and human resource development.
RYCOAlbaniaInstitute office@rycowb.orgThe institute is founded by the Western Balkans Six and it is dedicated to promoting reconciliation between youth through regional exchange programmes.
The Albanian-American Development Foundation (Amerikanischer Einfluss)AlbaniaNGO info@aadf.orgThe mission of the foundation is to facilitate the development of a sustainable private sector economy and a democratic society in Albania, and to contribute to stability in Southeastern Europe.
UN Youth Association of AlbaniaAlbaniaNGO info@unyaa.alThe United Nations Youth Association of Albania is a youth led NGO dedicated to inform, inspire and mobilize Albanian youth and Albanian citizens in general to support and promote the values and activities of the United Nations.
UET Centre-European Institute PashkoAlbaniaNGO organisation conducts research projects for the purpose of contributing towards the progress and democratisation of the Albanian society, as well as initiating debate in the public sphere and assisting community groups to undertake an active role in policy development.
Western Balkans FundAlbaniaFund info@westernbalkansfund.orgEstablished by the governments of the Western Balkans 6, the organisation aims to promote regional cooperation, strengthen relations between them, and advance EU integrations.
Youth Center PerspektivaAlbaniaNGO youth4perspektiva@gmail.comYouth Center Perspektiva is an NGO based in Durres, Albania and focusing on the youth empowerment & human rights via artistic and educational activities.
Youth Opportunity AlbaniaAlbaniaNGO youthopportunityalb@gmail.comYouth Opportunity Albania is an ngo working in Albania with an aim to give young people the opportunity to express themselves as a tool of improving our society and the awareness of the european society.
Youth Peace CampAlbania, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro
(Council of Europe)
NGO Peace Camp allows young people and youth organisations from conflict stricken regions to engage in dialogue and conflict transformation activities based on human rights education and intercultural learning.
Through Youth Peace Camp these young people gain a positive experience in living and learning together.
Belarusian Helsinki CommitteeBelarusNGO office@belhelcom.orgBHC is a human rights defenders organizations in Belarus, which main objectives include creation of civic context; establishment of active participation and collaboration between citizens, businesses, and governments; and promotion of human rights as crucial element of economic and human development.
Belarusian Institute for Strategic StudiesBelarusThink-tank biss@belinstitute.comBISS is an independent think-tank, which builds its work on the principles of objectivity, openness and responsibility.
BISS proposes development strategies for Belarus by doing relevant research, offering quality expertise and recommendations, as well as by promoting dialogue between the expert community, civil society and political actors.
Belarusian National Youth Council “RADA”BelarusNGO Belarusian National Youth Council “RADA” is a voluntary union of 27 youth associations, being created with the purpose of consolidating of youth organizations and initiatives of Belarus. “RADA” operates in the areas of representation, promotion and defending common interests and freedoms of youth organizations and young people of Belarus.
Center for Strategic and Foreign Policy StudiesBelarusNGO forstrategy@forstrategy.orgThe aim is to promote wider opportunities for the Republic of Belarus through analyzing international affairs, implementing relevant programs and projects.
Centre for European TransformationBelarusThink-tank cet@eurobelarus.infoThe main focus of the CET is research and analysis work aimed at the European Union's Eastern Partnership initiative, development of mechanisms for civil society participation in Eastern Partnership activity, issues of strengthening the transformational potential of the Eastern Partnership, as well as thematic issues of culture, education, scientific research, and visa policy.
Dzieja (Дзея)BelarusNGO dzieja.belarus@gmail.comThe organization is based on the values of personal freedom and national identity.
Honest people (Честные люди)BelarusInitiative independent initiative for the development of civil society in Belarus.
Human ConstantaBelarusNGO info@humanconstanta.byHuman Constanta is a Belarusian human rights organization, which was registered in 2016, in Minsk. Promotion of public interests and joint actions in response to modern challenges in the field of human rights in Belarus.
Human Rights Center "Viasna"BelarusNGOhttps:// viasna@spring96.orgThe organisation was founded in 1996 during mass protest actions of the democratic opposition in Belarus. It initially aimed to assist arrested rally participants and their families. In present day, its main goal is to contribute to development of the civic society in Belarus, based on respect to human rights, as described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus.
League of Youth Voluntary Service (LYVS)BelarusNPO, NGOhttps:// liga.lyvs@gmail.comLeague of Youth Voluntary Service (LYVS) is a non-profit non-governmental youth organization which was created to develop volunteer movement in Belarus. The organization was founded by the team of the active youth workers who wanted to bring the values of the non-formal education and volunteering closer to the Belarusian youth.
Legal initiative (Правовая инициатива)BelarusNGO lirngo@gmail.comIt is a non-profit non-governmental organization dedicated to the protection of human rights. Created in 1996. The main mission of the "Legal Initiative" is assistance in building a social, democratic, legal state in the Republic of Belarus, improving the legal culture of Belarusian citizens.
The Office for European Expertise and CommunicationsBelarusNGO The organisation aims for the civil society to be progressive, diverse and have its activity shaped around people’s real needs.
The mission is to put in place and reinforce any opportunities for a human and corporate involvement in positive changes of Belarus as a part of Europe and encurage active engagement of the community with the purpose of influencing the society.
Youth Center “Fialta”BelarusNGO fundamental activities of Fialta are seminars and trainings for young adults in the city of Minsk, in addition to conducting trainings for other NGOs. Fialta also works as a youth center where young people can realize their own ideas.
Asocijacija srednjoškolaca u Bosni i Hercegovini (ASuBiH)Bosnia-HerzegovinaNGO asubih@yahoo.comThe Association of High School Students in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ASuBiH) is a non-governmental, non-partisan and non-political organization whose main goal is to improve the status of high school students in the country and the gathering of all young people attending secondary school in BiH.
Center for Democracy and Transitional JusticeBosnia-HerzegovinaNGO and non-profit organisation which promotes and supports the process of transitional justice, establishing the rule of law, and strengthening of democratic society in BiH
Centri civilnih inicijativa (CCI)Bosnia-HerzegovinaNGO cci@ccibh.orgA Bosnian Herzegovinian non-governmental organization that will, both territorially and program-wise cover the whole country and all its citizens. An organization which unwaveringly and actively advocates protection of human rights, freedoms, tolerance and respect for differences, accountable and transparent governing of the state, accountable and participatory role of citizens in decision-making, as well as establishing the mechanisms for growth and development of domestic non-governmental sector.
CINBosnia-HerzegovinaNGO info@cin.baThe Center for Investigative Reporting (CIN) in Sarajevo is unique in Bosnia, the first organization of its kind to be established in Balkans. CIN is dedicated to investigative reporting, aimed toward providing fair and unbiased information, based on evidences and solid proof, to BiH citizens who need to make educated decisions.
CLR Breza | Center for local developmentBosnia-HerzegovinaNGO
Forum građana Tuzle (FGT)Bosnia-HerzegovinaNGO of Tuzla Citizens (FTC) was founded in 1993 as an answer to the growth of nationalism in its own surrounding, as well as a result of the need and determination to preserve Bosnia and Herzegovina as a whole, independent and decentralised sovereign state regulated upon parliamentary democratic principles
MUNJA (Soros Foundation)Bosnia-HerzegovinaNGO munja@munja.baMUNJA is one of the leading non-governmental non-party organization at the state level, which works to improve the situation of young people increase their active role in society and employability in the labor market.
Nove NadeBosnia-HerzegovinaNGO main characteristics of the organization's activities are: building confidence, strengthening the community and building democratic structures, co-operating with and co-ordinating with governmental, international and local organizations, NGO development, education, information, youth work and organization of cultural events.
Perpetuum mobile – Institute for Youth and Community developmentBosnia-HerzegovinaNGO perpetuum-mobile@blic.netPerpetuum mobile – Institute for Youth and Community development strives to create a society in which young individuals are respected, successful and given opportunities to develop their full potentials.
POLISBosnia-HerzegovinaNGO Political Communication Agency POLIS is a non-partisan and non-governmental organization active in the field of political communication, political dialogue and communication development.
Post Conflict Research CenterBosnia-HerzegovinaInstitute pcrc.bih@gmail.comThe center coordinates various projects in the areas of Peace Education, Human Rights, Post - Conflict Research, Violence Prevention, Genocide, etc. It creates and implements educational programmes, focuses on historical rememberance and analysis, provides consultancy services, and aims to strengthen policies and practices for the prevention of mass atrocities.
The Center for Civic Cooperation (CGS) - (Amerikanischer Einfluss)Bosnia-HerzegovinaNGO Center for Civic Cooperation (CGS) is a non-government, non-profit, non-political organisation whose goal is to promote citizen activism in improving life in their communities
The Mozaik FoundationBosnia-HerzegovinaFund info@mozaik.baThe Mozaik Foundation, the largest non-profit corporation in the region, has established a virtual incubator for social businesses in which it develops and tests business ideas with top technical, mentoring and financial support as part of its unique ten-year strategy. In short, we are investing in good solutions.
UDIK / Association for Social Research and CommunicationsBosnia-HerzegovinaStreet Art official.udik@outlook.comThe organization realizes street art projects that address the "culture of violence" in Bosnia after the war. Furthermore, the group plays theater, so as to clarify the events of the Balkan wars and set a sign.
Udruženje građana "DON"Bosnia-HerzegovinaNGO citizen association encourages cooperation between civil society and institutions with the purpose of strengthening civil society, working on humanitarian and volunteer education, community-building, protecting consumers, and monitoring the electoral process.
Youth Communication Center (YCC)Bosnia-HerzegovinaNGO okcbl@okcbl.orgThe NGO was founded by students of Banja Luka University after the Balkan Wars. The NGO has u.a. a radio channel and would like to reach young people from different countries. There is also a center where language courses or computer lessons are given for children and refugees.
ShtipkaBulgariaNGO shtipkaoffice@gmail.comShtipka NGO is an organization that works towards the spreading of social commercials connected to public causes as well as short movies that make the population aware of problems that have stayed out of the everyday life of people but still exist.
Hope for tomorrowBulgariaNGO nadejdavraca@abv.bgThe NGO provides the social service of rehabilitation and integration of children and adults who need additional health care. In the NGO, there are specialists, consultants, psychologists. They offer also practical and innovative activities such as workshops in the nature or around one of the most social animals - horses.
Biala Lyastovica (White Swallow)BulgariaNGO

Helps people who were injured during a car accident.
UnityHubBulgariaNGO info@unityhub.coThe UnityHub Mission is to attract young people closer to nature & to their roots. Our main goal is to transform the rural Bulgarian houses (regions) into shared working spaces, where entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads & startups can enjoy nature, secluded working environment, home-made food & to attend various events & workshops. Mixing the urban and the rural lifestyle, applying the technologies, social innovations and what Nature offers at once.
Association UNIKALBulgariaNGO bia.unikal@gmail.comThe NGO has the purpose of information, prevention and education in the field of eating disorders and preceeding them: poor idea of one's body and lack of body confidence, negative self-esteem and low confidence in terms nutrition.
EtnoRitmikaBulgariaNGO etnoritmika@abv.bgThe mission of the organisation is to preserve and present cultural heritage through arts; promote initiatives regarding culture at local, regional, or international level; and to create and support projects that encourage youth to take part in cultural dialogue.
BulgariaNGO d.pencheva@brcci.euCreated in 2003, BRCCI is the only specialized organization, which has the resources and experience to support all companies which want to operate either in Bulgaria or Romania with the neccessary information, expertize and consultancy. Hundreds of companies have used our services throughout the years.
Bulgarian Helsinki CommitteeBulgariaNGO refunit@bghelsinki.orgIndependent non-governmental organisation for the protection of human rights
Future for the ChildrenBulgariaNGO info@speckids.orgWe support the children in risk together with their families. We provide service for developing of their abilities, social skills and wellbeing.
Bio-B-EcoBulgariaNGO bio_b_eko@abv.bgFights against pollution and the polluters. Improves the social-economic conditions. Develops the the agriculture in Borino as well as the eco-tourism.
Young with imaginationBulgariaNGO youngimaginations@kos.netThis curriculum support is delivered by arts consultants and certified teachers working directly with the students and teachers inside the classroom. Using improvisational drama, role-play, storytelling, writing, creative movement, singing and the visual arts, children build confidence, develop listening, communication and problem-solving skills and learn curriculum material while having fun!
Academy of SuccessBulgariaNGOhttps://www.asbg.euAssociation "Academy of Success" is committed to provide lifelong learning opportunities to its members. We consider that quality education should be a community commitment and we struggle to prepare people for success in a changing world!
Elevator SafetyBulgariaNGO info@elevatorsafety.euTo provide safety as it comes to the technical condition of the transport facilities in buildings such as elevators, escalators and others.
Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development (CEED Bulgaria)BulgariaNGO ntasheva@ceed-bulgaria.orgCEED drives economic growth by developing, connecting and mentoring entrepreneurs to strengthen their businesses so they can create jobs and in turn accelerate economic prosperity. Building a community of entrepreneurs is paramount in our approach.
Institute for Market EconomyBulgariaNGO mail@ime.bgTo develop and protect the market strategies for overcoming the challenges which the citizens of Bulgaria face. It provides an independent evaluation of the politics and the government.
ConcordiaBulgariaNGO bulgaria@concordia.bgAn organization that supports adoption and makes sure all the kids receive the best of care and education.
CVS BulgariaBulgariaNGO office@cvs-bg.orgCVS Bulgaria promotes the development of societal values and encourages responsible behaviour towards peace, social justice and nature protection culture. This is achieved by organizing volunteer initiatives and educational programmes.
Tulip FoundationBulgariaNGO info@tulipfoundation.netRaise funds for social investment from individual donors, the business sector and public and private sources
Provide financial and technical support to civil society organisations addressing social needs of the community at a national level
Green BalkansBulgariaNGO apavlova@greenbalkans.orgGreen Balkans is a leading organization in the field of conservation of rare species and habitats in Bulgaria.
The Organization was established in 1988 being Bulgaria’s oldest nature conservation NGO. For its almost 20 years’ existence, Green Balkans has won recognition from international and national institutions, authorities, and donors as a welcome partner and a highly reputable and competent organization.
Team Europe JuniorBulgariaNGO Europe Junior is a pilot innovative initiative by the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria to establish a team of young people, who are students, and who have the will, motivation and knowledge to participate as speakers in the communication activities of the Representation and of the Europe Direct information network in Bulgaria.
The European Institute FoundationBulgariaOrganisation office@europe.bgThe European Institute Foundation is an independent civil organisation established in 1999. Throughout the first stage of its development, it provided support to the process of Bulgaria's preparation for accession to the European Union.

After that national strategic goal was achieved, the European Institute has continued working towards Bulgaria's accelerated and complete integration into the European structures, and also towards enabling the Bulgarian society to effectively participate in the process of formulation and implementation of European policies.
Centar za Gradanske Inicijative PorecCroatiaNGO cgiporec@cgiporec.hrActive since 1992, the NGO protects and promotes human rights; encourages active civil society; offers direct protection; publicly advocates for variety of issues regarding human rights, gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and national minorities; educates citizens on HR matters; and supports local initiatives.
Centre for Peace StudiesCroatiaThink-tank cms@cms.hrThrough education, research, and activism, the Centre promotes non-violence and social change. CPS operates through three compatible programs: Asylum, Integration and Human Security, Peace Education and Non-violence Affirmation, and Combating Inequalities.It adopts several approaches - research, education, public actions, and work on public policies, advocacy and public campaigns.
CeraneoCroatiaNGO, think-tank vesela@ceraneo.hrThe organisation collects, analyses and examines issues within the field of social politics with the purpose of encouraging innovative solutions. It also advocates for greater role of civil society in political domain.
Institute for Development and International RelationsCroatiaThink-tank ured@irmo.hrThe Institute has a task of furthering knowledge and skills required for scientific and professional analysis of contemporary international relations which affect various human activities and related developmental trends. In its scientific and professional work the Institute focuses on various forms of interconnections between international relations and political, economic and socio-cultural development tendencies.
The Institute of Economics, ZagrebCroatiaThink-tank eizagreb@eizg.hrThe Institute’s researchers have acquired their knowledge at leading national and/or international universities. A number of them teach at universities in Croatia and abroad as visiting scholars. They are recognized as highly esteemed experts in their respective fields, always open to sharing knowledge and cooperating with local and foreign scientists and the business community.
Amnesty InternationalCroatiaNGO stefan.simanowitz@amnesty.orgrRefugees and migrants faced push backs and abuse by the Croatian police. Domestic violence continued to attract light penalties and protective measures were rarely enforced. Women faced numerous barriers in accessing abortion. Journalists were threatened and prosecuted because of their work.
Autonomous Women’s House ZagrebCroatiaNGO azkz@zamir.netA feminist organisation aiming to assist women who are survivors of gender-based violence through providing shelter, free legal consultations, and psychological help. It also aims to improve the position of women in society.
Civil Society Development, SMART AssociationCroatiaNGO smart@smart.hrThe SMART program includes a variety of activities developed and organized by an association team experienced in various areas of nonprofit management and organizational development.
GONG, a non-partisan citizens’ organizationCroatiaNGO gong@gong.hrGong is a civil society organization aimed at promoting democratic processes and institutions and democratic political culture, as well as encouraging active and responsible participation of citizens in political processes, especially decision-making processes related to good governance of public and common goods, protection and promotion of rule of law and human rights and solidarity.
Green Action – Friends of the Earth CroatiaCroatiaNGOza@zelena-akcija.hrZelena akcija (ZA)/Friends of the Earth Croatia is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-partisan and voluntary association of citizens for environmental protection. It was founded in 1990 and is based in Zagreb.
Green IstraCroatiaNGOured@zelena-istra.hrGreen Istria is a non-profit citizen association which is committed to the protection of the environment and natural resources, and works to build a society that upholds principles of social justice. For 25 years Green Istria has actively participated in the building of a society that is sustainable in terms of democracy, solidarity, and the environment. Some of our key objectives are sustainable development and environmental democracy.
H-Alter, Association for Independent Media CultureCroatia H-Alter is main project of the Association for Independent Media Culture. It deals with politics, culture, and civil society.
Youth NetworkCroatiaNGOinfo@mmh.hrNational youth policy development, Local youth policy development, Capacity building for youth organizations, International cooperation and Info-service and publishing.
Volunteers’ Centre ZagrebNGO' Centre Zagreb (VCZ) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation which promotes volunteering through mediation, education and counselling for volunteers and volunteer organisers. VCZ is actively involved in promoting and applying the Law on Volunteering and informing citizens on the volunteer possibilities in Zagreb, Croatia and abroad.
Transparency InternationalCroatiaNGO organisation that aims to expose systems which enable corruption with the purpose of driving national and international change.
Reflection – Sustainable Community DevelopmentCroatia
Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights, Osijek CentreCroatiaNGOhttps://www.centar-za-mir.hrcentar-za-mir@centar-za-mir.hrThe work of the Centre for Peace – Osijek is organised through Assembly, Management Board, Supervisory Board, Programme Council and work of executive and programme director. The activities of the Centre for Peace are conducted through educational and advisory programmes, as well as through other forms of work that support and promote non-violence
Peace Studies Centre CroatiaInstitute education, research, and activism, the Centre promotes non-violence and social change. CPS operates through three compatible programs: Asylum, Integration and Human Security, Peace Education and Non-violence Affirmation, and Combating Inequalities.It adopts several approaches - research, education, public actions, and work on public policies, advocacy and public campaigns.
Partnership for Social DevelopmentCroatiaNGOPartnership for Social Development is a non-profit and non-governmental civil society organisation which initiates, develops and maintains democratic processes of building an active civic community, uncompromisingly applying the principles of protection of public interest, equity, ethics, nonviolence and integrity in the conduct of all stakeholders of social processes.
Patients’ Rights AssociationCroatiaAssociationpravapacijenata.hrThe only non-governmental and non-profit organisation in Croatia which deals with protection and promotion of the patient's rights. The members of the associations are medical and legal experts who aim to educate and assist citizens/patients on their rights, abilities, and possibilities in the field of healthcare and health protection.
National Foundation for Civil Society DevelopmentCroatiaThink-tankzaklada.civilnodrustvo.hrThe mission of the foundation is promotion and development of civil society in Croatia. It provides expert and financial support for programmes which deal with philanthropy, civil initiatives, and voluntary work, aiming to improve democratic standards.
Journalists’ associationCroatiaAssociationAn association with an objective to promote freedom of the press and free speech. It provides pro-bono legal services and education for journalists through its Center for Freedom of Expression.
Institute for Development of EducationCroatiaInstituteiro.hrThe institute advocates for equal opportunities within the sphere of education and high-quality programmes that are adequate to the needs of the individual and the society. It also promotes intercultural exchanges and international cooperation.
Czech Republic
Amnesty International Česká republikaCzech RepublicNGO amnesty@amnesty.czIt organizes campaigns, particularly in support of prisoners of conscience, is engaged in education in the field of HR, reports on the status of HR in the Czech Republic.
AMOCzech RepublicNGO tomas.dvorak@amo.czThe NGO's key mission is to promote research and education in the sphere of international relations with the purpose of increasing mutual understanding and tolerance. It organises international conferences, expert seminars, round-table discussions, draws policy papers, and conducts research.
Český helsinský výbor (ČHV) (Czech Helsinki Committee (CHC))Czech RepublicNGO info@helcom.czIt focuses on lobbying, monitoring of the functioning of police etc., solving concrete cases and informing and educating in the field of HR.
People in NeedCzech RepublicNGO, NPO mail@peopleinneed.czA non-governmental, non-profit organization founded on the ideals of humanism, freedom, equality and solidarity and supports oposition activists and dissidents in countries such as Cuba, Burma, Belarus, Moldova / Transnistria, Ukraine and China.
Prague Civil Society CenterCzech RepublicNGO, network info@praguecivilsociety.orgPCSC focuses on enabling civic groups and independent journalists to drive social change and progress across Eastern Europe and Central Asia. It provides support, promotes, and encourages the development and improvement of the civil society.
DemasCzech RepublicNGO, network info@demas.czPlatform for NGOs fostering cooperation of civil society to promote democratization
CEELI InstituteCzech RepublicNGO office@ceeli.euNGO committed to training legal professionals in CEE countries in order to strengthen the rule of law.
Transitions OnlineCzech RepublicNGO, Journal transitions@tol.orgOrganisation aimed at professionalizing journalism in MOSO countries. They publish the Transitions Online magazine and provide media trainings.
Evropské Hodnoty / European ValuesCzech RepublicNGO, Think-tank info@evropskyhodnoty.czEvropsky Hodnoty ist ein Think Tank, der die Werte der liberalen Demokratie verteidigt. Der Think Tank berät nicht nur Policy makers, sondern veranstaltet auch Projekte zu den Themen Radikalisierung, Extremismus und autoritäre Tendenzen.
Avatud Eesti Fond/Open Estonia FoundationEstoniaNGO and helps to develop open society in Estonia and other countries. 2016-2018 focus is on transparent and accountable governance and society, a greater role of people in shaping policies, advancement of social cohesion
Balti Uuringute Instituut/The Institute of Baltic Studies (IBS)EstoniaThink-tank ibs@ibs.eeIt's aim is to assist the development of public policy in the Baltic Sea region by providing high-quality socio-economic analysis. The organisation also has an objective to increase the knowledge and understanding of the development challenges and opportunities facing Estonia in particular and Baltic Sea region in general.
Eesti Avatud Ühiskonna Instituut/Estonian Institute for Open Society ResearchEstoniaInstitute eaui.eiosr@eaui.eeResearch institution focusing on sociopolitical issues, mainly analysing social development
Eesti Idapartneluse Keskus/Estonian Centre of Eastern PartnershipEstoniaInstitute eceap@eceap.euTraining and research center focusing on the six countries of the EU’s Eastern Partnership (EaP). Through its activities ECEAP aims to develop relations with the EaP countries while contributing to the advancement of the overall goals of the EU’s policy in the region. 
Eesti Inimõiguste Instituut/The Estonian Institute of Human RightsEstoniaNGO info@eihr.eeThe goal is to collect, systematise, analyse and promote information about human rights, to increase public awareness about the field and to make proposals about how better to protect human rights in Estonia and elsewhere in the world.
Eesti Mittetulundusühingute ja Sihtasutuste Liit/Network of Estonian Nonprofit OrganizationsEstoniaNGO info@heakodanik.eeThe largest Estonian organization uniting public benefit nonprofit organizations. NENO’s mission is to give voice to and advocate on behalf of Estonian public benefit organizations and its work is dedicated to the development and promotion of civic action and civil society in Estonia.
Eesti NATO Ühing/Estonian Atlantic Treaty AssociationEstoniaNGO info@eata.eeNGO that represents and promotes NATO values in Estonia and raises awareness of security and defence questions among citizens of Estonia. A platform for discussion on foreign and security policy, international relations and security issues.
Eesti Välispoliitika Instituut/Estonian Foreign Policy InstituteEstoniaInstitute evi@evi.eeThe mission is to promote a deeper understanding of international affairs and of Estonia’s role on an international scene. This is being done through organising a forum for informed discussion, analysis and debate; arranging of public lectures; organising seminars and conferences; and participate in international research.
Inimõiguset Keskus/Human Rights CentreEstoniaNGO info@humanrights.eeMonitors the human rights situation in Estonia. The focus is currently on the advancement of equal treatment of minority groups and diversity & inclusion and the human rights of asylum seekers and refugees.
Integratsiooni Sihtasutus/Integration FoundationEstoniaFund info@integratsioon.eeThe purpose of the Foundation is to initiate and support activities that promote the integration process in Estonian society and activities that are related to migration. Foundation’s responsibility is to ensure that the people who live in Estonia share the same values and form an active part of civil society, and that national minorities have the chance to preserve their languages and cultures.
Jaan Tõnnissoni Instituut/Jaan Tõnisson InstituteEstoniaNGO jti@jti.eeThe organisation carries out research programmes and organizes conferences, seminars and training sessions in order to contribute to the development of democracy and to consolidate civic society. JTI is primarily focused on the issues of migration, multiculturality and nationality in Estonia.
Johannes Mihkelsoni Keskus/Johannes Mihkelson CentreEstoniaNGO jmk@jmk.eeThe mission of the centre is to contribute to the balanced and democratic development of Estonia by supporting and motivating marginalised groups through training and support services. Less-protected groups are assisted with job search, career councelling, life-style change, and general social integration by the JMC.
MONDO Global Education CentreEstoniaNGO Raises awareness on global problems and their possible solutions. Focused on global development cooperation, global education and humanitarian aid.
PRAXISEstoniaNGO praxis@praxis.eeAn independent non-profit socio-economic research centre/think tank. Areas of focus: education, economy, governance and civil society, health, employment and social life
Rahvusvaheline Kaitseuuringute Keskus/Internatonal Centre for Defence and SecurityEstoniaThink-tank info@icds.eeA think-tank specialising in foreign policy, security and defence issues. The mission is to strengthen Estonia’s security and defence sector; propose policy solutions; contribute to enhancing Estonia’s intellectual role within NATO and the EU; and raise public awareness and stimulate public debate on security, defence and foreign policy matters.
Rahvusvaheliste Suhete Ring/The Society of International RelationsEstoniaInstitute anna.linda.tomp@gmail.comA student organisation at the University of Tartu uniting students interested in international relations. RSR organises lectures and radio broadcasts dealing with a different international topic every week.
The Carolin Illenzeer FundEstoniaFund info@carolinifond.eeThe aim is to collect financial and social assistance resources to support the children of the members of the Estonian Defence Forces who have been killed or severely injured in the line of duty. Assisstance is given to help cover the schooling costs or support the hobby activities of the children.
The Institute of Baltic StudiesEstoniaNGO, Think-tank ibs@ibs.eeIt's aim is to assist the development of public policy in the Baltic Sea region by providing high-quality socio-economic analysis. The organisation also has an objective to increase the knowledge and understanding of the development challenges and opportunities facing Estonia in particular and Baltic Sea region in general.
Ühing Korruptsioonivaba Eesti/Transparency International EstoniaEstoniaNGO info@transparency.eeTI Estonia’s main fields of activity are analyzing and highlighting the risks of corruption, awareness raising and strengthening cooperation between public institutions and private persons in the fight against corruption.
Ariadne - Against human trafficking in human beings in South – Eastern and Eastern EuropeGreecePlatform, Network info@kepad.grThe network that connects 16 regional NGOs from Eastern and South-eastern Europe. The primary mission is strengthening of human rights and work against human trafficking.
ARSIS – Association for the social support of youthGreeceNGO arsisathina@gmail.comThe goal of the NGO is to prevent marginalisation of the youth though implementation and protection of rights for the young people, as well as disabling social exclusion.
Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE)GreeceInstitute kepe@kepe.grThe Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE) is the largest economics research institute in Greece. It focuses on applied research projects regarding the Greek economy, and provides technical advice to the Greek government and the country's regional authorities on economic and social policy issues.
diaNEOsisGreeceThink-tank info@dianeosis.orgdiaNEOsis is an independent, private, non-profit research organisation based in Athens. Its aim is to foster all forms of informed public dialogue and shape concrete proposals that contribute to the resolution of the critical economic and social problems currently facing Greece.
Heinrich Böll Stiftung GreeceFund info@gr.boell.orgThe foundation is affiliated with the German Green Party (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen). The network serves as a think tank and a catalyst for green visions, strategies and for policy reforms towards a democratic, socio-ecological transition of society and economy.
Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP)GreeceNGO, NPO, think-tank eliamep@eliamep.grThe mission is to conduct policy-oriented research and provide policy makers, academics, and the public at large with authoritative information and substantiated policy recommendations. This is being done with an aim of contributing to the development of evidence-based responses to major European and foreign policy challenges.
Hellenic League for Human RightsGreeceNGO info@hlhr.grOldest human rights organisation in Greece. The key objective of the HLHR is to prevent violations of the HR through studying citizen's programs, providing legal assistance, raising public awareness, deepening public dialogue, and cooperating with other national and international actors.
Institute of International Economic RelationsGreeceInstitute sae@hol.grThe institute’s main objective is
to conduct research on the most significant contemporary issues in international economy focusing on the international economic relations of Greece.
The institute also aims to encourage public debate in politico-economic circles and offer consulting services to private and national institutions that are involved into Greek foreign economic affairs.
International Centre for Black Sea Studies (ICBSS)GreeceNPO, think-tank icbss@icbss.orgThe International Centre for Black Sea Studies (ICBSS) was founded in 1998 as a non-profit organisation. It has since fulfilled a dual function a) as an independent research and training institution focusing on the wider Black Sea region, and b) as a related body of the Organisation of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) serving as its acknowledged think-tank.
METAdrasi is a Greek NGO founded in December 2009 which helps facilitate the reception and integration of refugees and immigrants in Greece. It is focused on services not covered by the Public Authorities or other NGOs in Greece.
The Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS)GreeceNPO, think-tank rieas.secretary@gmail.comThe Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS) is aimed to provide a better understanding of international affairs by creating a framework for creative thinking, honest discussions and nonpartisan dissemination of multidisciplinary reflections and innovative ideas.
Regional Environmental CenterHungaryOrganisation webmaster@rec.orgThe objective of the REC is to, through cooperation between government and civil society, contribute to transparency, European integration, and sustainability. It also aims to strengthen environmental governance in Central and Eastern Europe and build resilience to climate change.
Autonomia FoundationHungaryNGO autonomia@autonomia.huThe advancement of the labor rights of the Roma community as well as the strengthening of civil society in the country
Amnesty International HungaryHungaryNGO office@amnesty.huInternational NGO tasked with protection of human rights in Hungary and prevention of violations of HR. It operates within the domains of armed conflicts, climate change, sexual and reproductive rights, corporate accountability, discrimination, refugees, justice and etc.
HatterHungaryNGO hatter@hatter.huUmbrella organisation for the advancement of LGBT rights in Hungary
BagazsHungaryNGO emoke.both@bagazs.orgA NGO working to empower the Roma minority in Hungary
Hungarian Europe SocietyHungaryNGO info@europatarsasag.huOrgansation working in Hungary and Brussels, aimed at promoting Hungarian membership in the Union. They also cooperate with like-minded NGOs in other countries.
UNITED for Intercultural Action - European Network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugeesHungaryEuropean Network info@unitedagainstrascism.orgEuropean network for protection of marginalised groups and against bigotry and fascism. It coordinates capaigns and projects, as well as engages in advocacy works, in order to protest against discrimination and promote inclusive society.
Kaliningrag Oblast
Bislimi Group FoundationKosovoNGO info@bislimi.orgWelcome to the official page of The Bislimi Group (TBG) Foundation. TBG Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded in 2006, headquartered in Prishtina, Kosovo, with offices (points of contact) available in the United States and Canada, as well.
EC MA NDRYSHEKosovoNGO,5 info@ecmandryshe.orgThe non-governmental organization “Emancipimi Civil Ma Ndryshe” was established in March 2006 in the culture-rich city of Prizren, Kosovo. EC is engaged in active citizenship to create a living environment by promoting an appropriate organization of the community, democratization of institutions and enrichment of cultural life in the main centers of Kosovo, with a special focus on Prizren and Prishtina
Kosovar Center for Security StudiesKosovoInstitute info@qkss.orgKosovar Centre for Security Studies is an independent policy research centre founded in April 2008 and based in Prishtina - Kosovo. KCSS is dedicated to security sector development and reform in Kosovo and Western Balkans. It proactively promotes principle of good governance, integrity and resilience.
Kosovar Civil Society FoundationKosovoNGO,1 office@kcsfoundation.orgMission of KCSF has been to strengthen civil initiatives by providing support through information, services and trainings to NGOs and other relevant civic institutions in all sectors of Kosovar civil society.
Kosova Democratic InstituteKosovoNGO info@kdi-kosova.orgBranch of Transparency International in Kosovo. The institute aims to prevent corruption and empower its victims, educate new voters, mobilise NGO sector to influence, and promote internal dialogue.
Kosovar Institute for Policy Research and Development - KIPREDKosovoInstitute info@kipred.orgResearch centre based in Pristina which carries out political research aimed at improving the policy making, as well as consolidating democratic values in Kosovo and the region.
Kosovo Open Society FoundationKosovoNGO info@kfos.orgMember of Soros Open Society Foundations, private donor of independent groups working for democratic governance and human rights. The mission of the KFOS is to support inclusive and democratic vision of Europe in Kosovo
The Institute for Development PolicyKosovoInstitute office@indep.infoEstablished in 2011 as an association of policy analysts, researchers and civil society activists, INDEP looks at regional policies, aiming to guide countries of South-East Europe on their path to Euro-Atlantic integration. In Kosovo, where it is based, the institute has a special focus on strengthening democratic governance and plays the role of public policy watchdog.
NGO AKTIVKosovoNGO office@ngoaktiv.orgAktiv was founded in the divided city of Mitrovica. Since its inception in 2009, Aktiv has successfully implemented an array of projects and has become an active part of local civil society. It has cooperated with a number of both regional and international NGO’s and has played a vital role in the political and social development of N. Kosovo.
NGO PENKosovoNGO info@ngo-pen.comThe mission is to empower people of all genders, ethnicities, religions, and sexualities through programs for increasing their capacities and mobilizing them as agents of change through education.
Centre for East European Policy Studies (CEEPS)LatviaNGO info@appc.lvThe Centre for East European Policy Studies (CEEPS) is a non-governmental organisation, which began its research activities in 2006. The main goal of the centre is to contribute to the advancement of the Latvian foreign policy by building-up the expertise on Russia’s development and its different foreign policy expressions in the neighbourhood.
Freedom and Solidarity Foundation (FSF)LatviaInstitute info@bsf-latvija.lvFreedom and Solidarity Foundation (FSF) has been established in 2007.
FSF is primarily focused on organization of various educational events about important up-to-date issues. To achieve its goals, FSF holds discussions, conferences, seminars, lectures and other informative events, as well as publishes related articles on its website and elsewhere.
Latvian Institute of International Affairs (LIIA)LatviaNGO liia@liia.lvThe vision of LIIA is to provide Latvia's decision-makers, experts, and the wider public with analysis, recommendations, and information about international developments, regional security issues, and foreign policy strategy and choices.
ProvidusLatviaThink-tank info@providus.lvProvidus has been Latvia’s leading public policy think tank since 2002. Its mission is to promote evidence-based policy and open society values. Providus is a public benefit non governmental organization. In cooperation with other think tanks in the Baltic Sea region, we aim to build a pan-Baltic network of public policy expertise.
Database of Latvian NGOs (with a possibility to select the field of activity)
Baltic Development Forum (BDF)LithuaniaThink-tank bdf@bdforum.orgBaltic Development Forum (BDF) is a think-tank and network for high-level decision makers from business, politics, academia and media in the Baltic Sea Region. BDF is the platform that brings together actors across sectors, borders, regions, and levels of decision-making to facilitate collaboration, develop regional policy, and advance growth and competitiveness in the Baltic Sea Region.
Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS)LithuaniaThink-tank biss@belinstitute.comBISS is an independent think-tank, which builds its work on the principles of objectivity, openness and responsibility.

BISS proposes development strategies for Belarus by doing relevant research, offering quality expertise and recommendations, as well as by promoting dialogue between the expert community, civil society and political actors.
Civil Society InstituteLithuaniaInstitute civitas@civitas.ltThe Civil Society Institute is a centre for the analysis of public policy, for the dissemination of information relevant to public policy issues, and for the implementation of educational projects. Main directions: promoting civic initiatives and reinforcing civic attitudes in society, analysing public policy, defending the idea of civil society in public discourse.
Eastern Europe Studies CentreLithuaniaThink-tank info@eesc.ltAims to build civil society and promote democracy in Eastern Europe by monitoring and researching political, economic, and social developments in the region, and by developing qualitative analyses of them. The organisation offers trainings and consultations to organizations cooperating with Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia.
European Business Network (EBN)LithuaniaNGO info@ebn.ltThe initiative brings together Lithuanian business communities and supports them in their efforts to grow trade and investment activities. The EBN provides a common platform for building productive relationships with the corporate sector and Lithuanian government through networking via the embassies.
European Foundation of Human Rights (Europos žmogaus teisių fondas)LithuaniaFund info@efhr.euThe vision of the organisation is protection of human rights and national minorities in Lithuania. The organisation offers educational workshops and legal services.
Human Rights Monitoring InstituteLithuaniaNGO hrmi@hrmi.ltHRMI has been advocating for full compliance of national laws and policies with international human rights obligations and working to ensure that rights are real and effective in practice.
Lithuanian Centre for Human RightsLithuaniaNGO INFO@LCHR.LTThe NGO focuses on human rights education, advocacy and research, and implementation of numerous projects and activities in the field. The goals are to raise awareness, promote tolerance and inclusivity, strengthen society’s capacity to fight discrimination, and to provide possible solutions to legislature and government
National Defence FoundationLithuaniaNGO info@fondas.euAims to support democratic processes and coordinate efforts toward a greater understanding of civil-military dialogue inside Lithuania with the goal of educating policymakers, the general public, and our allies about the national security interests and concerns of Lithuania. The NDL also seeks to enhance ties between Lithuania and the Trans -Atlantic community in order to maintain and deepen Lithuania’s ties to our NATO allies in the United States, Europe, and the Baltic.
Open Lithuania FoundationLithuaniaFund info@olf.ltThe fund executes advocacy initiatives, visibility campaigns, joint projects, as well as monitoring and training programs for the purpose of encouraging civil society activism and participatory democracy-friendly political decisions, as well as achieving long-term impact on social and political issues.
Transparency International LithuaniaLithuaniaNGO info@transparency.ltTo develop and promote civic accoutability and anti-corruption initiatives in Lithuania.
North Macedonia
Association for Democratic InitiativesNorth MacedoniaNGO Mission:Integration and monitoring of human rights in the political, economic and social spheres of society;Promotion of democratic policies, interethnic and intercultural tolerance through participatory and transparent processes;Supporting citizens through civic participation, networking, advocacy and educational activities.
Center for Balkan Cooperation LojaNorth MacedoniaNGO lojacentre@gmail.comCenter for Balkan Cooperation LOJA is a nongovernmental, not-for-profit organization with no political affiliation, based in the city of Tetovo, Macedonia. It was registered in 2000 within the framework of the Law for Citizens Associations in the Republic of Macedonia and its main activities are in the field of Education and Culture.
CENTER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND CONFLICT RESOLUTIONNorth MacedoniaNGO goals of the NGO are to help citizens to take active role in resolving conflicts rooted in ethnic and other differences and promote the concept of human rights and basic freedoms as essential part of global political, juridical and social transformation.
Fundation MetamorphosisNorth MacedoniaFund mission is to contribute to the development of democracy and increase the quality of life through innovative use and sharing of knowledge. Our guiding values are openness, equality and freedom.
Institute for Political and International StudiesNorth MacedoniaNGO, non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit, think-tank organization. It has been created by a group of intellectuals and analysts with extensive experience in foreign policy and policy-making issues, who are gathered around the ideas of democracy, solidarity, globalization, European integration, political and international studies and regional cooperation.
Max van der Stoel Scientific InstituteNorth MacedoniaInstitute Institute is focused development and organization of research and education activities in the field of humanitarian sciences: political sciences, international relations, law and public administration and as well as inter-disciplinary areas of preventive diplomacy, inter cultural reconciliation, conflict resolution and conflict prevention.
The Centre for Civil and Political RightsNorth MacedoniaInstitute Centre for Civil and Political Rights mission is to:
Build the capacity of and support NGOs in their activities related to the reporting process.
Promote the role and the participation of the NGOs in the Human Rights Committee's reporting procedure.
Reinforce the involvement of the NGOs in the follow-up to the Recommendations (Concluding Observations).
Association for Participatory Democracy ADEPTMoldovaNGO, NPO adept@e-democracy.mdThe centre for analysis and consultation on the decision-making, political, electoral and socio-economic processes in the Republic of Moldova and in the wider region. ADEPT's mission is to promote the democratic values and support citizen active participation in public affairs.
CReDOMoldovaNPO credo@credo.mdCReDO is a nonprofit human rights advocacy and democratization group founded in 1999. CReDO is a well-established and known organization in Moldova for its impartial and public standing. CReDO acts with courage and civic attitude on issues of public concerns.
CSIE Working Papers (Center for Studies in European Integration)MoldovaThink-tank peer-reviewed academic online journal launched by Center for Studies in European Integration. The journal offers an opportunity for young researchers to publish their scholarly papers, the results of their research activity, to get a feedback from the other researchers, improve the methodology and to validate the results.
Eastern European Journal for Regional Studies (EEJRS)MoldovaThink-tank a forum for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary dialogue between ideas, and a framework for theoretical and empirical analyses. It deals with European history and politics, European economy and European policies, EU community law, European culture and society, Regional Development, Eastern European Neighbourhood countries, and other fields related to European studies.
European Institute of Politics and ReformsMoldovaNGO info@ipre.mdIPRE was established in March 2015 as an independent, non-partisan, and non-profit action center for research and analysis, founded by a team of national and international experts, former governmental officials, civil servants and career diplomats.
Expert-GrupMoldovaThink-tank info@expert-grup.orgExpert-Grup is a think-tank specialized in economic and public policy research. We are positioning ourselves as a politically and ideologically neutral think-tank, and we do not represent any economic, corporate and political interests.
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES)MoldovaFund fes@fes-moldova.orgIt is funded by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany with headquarters in Bonn and Berlin. FES' mission is advancement of both socio-political and economic development in the spirit of social democracy, through civic education, research, and international cooperation.
The Foreign Policy Association of Moldova (APE)MoldovaThink-tank office@ape.mdThe think-tank committed to supporting Moldova’s Europeanization, integration into the European Union and a viable settlement of the Transnistrian conflict. It offers a comprehensive analysis of Moldova’s foreign policy options and formulation of an efficient foreign policy.
Public Policy InstituteMoldovaThink-tank ipp@ipp.mdThe mission of Institute for Public Policy is to be a leading source of independent analysis and open debates that will contribute to the development of the Republic of Moldova in the spirit of a democratic, participatory and pluralist society.
ADAMAS Montenegro - Finanzier aus dem Haushalt von der Uni MontenegroMontengroNGO nvoadamas@gmail.comThe NGO is a student organisation of the Faculty of Law of the University of Montenegro. ADAMAS strives to imrove the status of law students, contribute to the developments in the field of law, and encourage student engagement.
De Facto Consultancy
MontenegroConsulting Agency office@defacto.meThe Consultancy is specialised in market research, public opinion, and political and business advice.
MAPSS Verband der Politikwissenschaftler (Universität Montenegro)MontenegroNGO Association of Political Science Students is an NGO that aims to improve the status of students, enourage student activism, and contribute to the development of political sciences in Montenegro.
MENSA Montenegro Lokale Fonds, Fonds von anderen Mensa MitgliedernMontenegroNGO info@mensa.meThe organisation was formed with a vision of creating an "association of superior minds" which would actively contribute to problem solution in variety of fields, such as world peace, ethics, psychology, education, and etc. Its first activities in Montenego were carried out in 1998 and the organisation was officially formed in 2000.
OTPOR BEZNADJU (Widerstand gegen Hoffnungslosigkeit) - Sie sind Koalitionspartner mit demokratischer Front (DF)MontenegroNGO NGO operates as an opposition bloc with an aim to develop common strategy in an attempt to driving reforms and bringing change in Montenegro.
University Donja Gorica (DPS)MontenegroUniversity University in Montenegro.
University of Montenegro (finanziert aus dem Haushalt von Montenegro)MontenegroUniversity rektorat@ac.meThe University of Montenegro was founded in 1974 representing the oldest higher education institution in Montenegro. The University has over 20.000 students. It is the largest and the only comprehensive higher education institution in the state comprised of nineteen faculties and two institutes of science.
(CRNVO) Zentrum für die Entwicklung von NichtregierungsorganisationenMontengroInstitute crnvo@crnvo.meThe vision of the organisation is to support the development of NGO sector in Montenegro and to contribute to the development of civil society. CRNVO has a goal to protect Montenegro's democratic values and rule of law, encourage active participation in civil society, and improve the position of NGOs in social development issues.
Zoran Djindjic FoundationMontenegro
Fund foundation was established with an aim of promoting the values of the modern and democratic Balkans and preserving the legacy of Zoran Đinđić.
ALFA CENTAR (Lokale Fonds, Fonds der EU, USA)MontenegroNGO alfacentar@t-com.meThe aim of the NGO is to advocate for all citizens to enjoy a right to a peaceful, safe, and dignified life, regardless of gender, age, race, or political affiliation. The activities influce research on civil-military relations, road safety, youth programmes, and programmes in local communities.
Red Cross Montenegro (Lokale, Nationale Fonds, Fonds der EU, USA)MontengroNGO ckcg@t-com.meVoluntary humanitarian organisation that operates as a Montenegrin branch of global Red Cross Society. CKCG provides suppot and assistance to victims and individuals at risk.
(MANS) Netzwerk zur Bestätigung des Nichtregierungssektors (UN, OEBS, EU)MontengroNGO mans@t-com.meThe organisation is focused on anti-corruption policy, prevention of organised crime and illicit money flows, privatisation, urban planning and etc.
NVO SEBI ŽELIMMontengroNGO aim of the NGO is to motivate and empower young people to work towards their goals, to believe in themselves, to work actively to improve their potential, and to use existing opportunities and create news ones.
UNDP Montenegro (UNDP, EU)MontengroNGO organisation supports Montenegro's EU accession path, promotes sustainable human development, builds on its global development network and access to innovative solutions and resources.
American Corner (USA)MontengroInformation Center amcornerpodgorica@gmail.comA partnership project between Podgorica and US Embassy in Montenegro. It aims to promote America culture, education, and universal values in the space of modern library and cultural center
Center for Civic Education (USA, EU)MontenegroNGO info@cgo-cce.orgThe goal of the organisation is to improve citizen's education in the fields of democracy, human rights, and European integrations of Montenegro.
Council of Europe MontenegroMontengroCouncil podgorica@coe.intAction of the Council of Europe in Montenegro: Prevention of torture, Fight against racism, Protection of social rights, Protection of minorities, erc.
Centre for Monitoring and Research (Lokale Fonds, Fonds der EU)MontengroNGO NGO's main objective is to provide infrastructural and technical support for the continuous monitoring of the process of transition in Montenegro. It contributes to changing social and political circumstances and has expanded its scope of work towards legislative initiatives, fight against corruption and etc.
UNDP Montenegro (UNDP, EU)MontenegroNGO organisation supports Montenegro's EU accession path, promotes sustainable human development, builds on its global development network and access to innovative solutions and resources.
Akademie der europäischen Einheit (Lokale Fonds, Fonds der EU)MontengroNGO akademijaeujedinstva@gmail.comThe organisation's mission is to educate citizens, especially youth, on the issues of the European Union and the process of Montenegro's accession to the EU, as well as promoting its benefits.
(CEDEM) Zentrum für Demokratie und Menschenrechte (Lokale Fonds, Fonds der EU)MontengroNGO info@cedem.meThe NGO's goal is to promote and spead awareness of the imporance of proper and successful democratic transition. It also aims to strengthen civil society and democracy in general.
Institut AlternativaMontenegroNGO info@institut-alternativa.orgThe institute's mission is to contribute to strengthening democracy and good governance through research and policy analysis, as well as by monitoring the performance of public institutions.
European MovementMontengroNGO office@emim.orgThe organisation deals with projects and activities in the area of European integrations in Montenegro. The main goal is to provide education about the EU, its values and structure, as well as way of functioning.
ZENTRUM FÜR DEMOKRATIEÜBERGANG (Lokale Fonds, Fonds der EU, National Endowment for Democracy (NED), NATO PDDMontengroNGO cdt@cdtmn.orgThe NGO aims to promote democracy in Montenegro, good governance, dynamic civil society, and active citizens. It does so by building and promoting public dialogue, educating political stakeholders, and monitoring public institutions.
Amnesty International PolskaPolandNGO subsidiary of the global association protecting human rights.
Batory FoundationPolandNGO mission of the Batory Foundation is to build an open, democratic society – a society of people aware of their rights and responsibilities, who are actively involved in the life of their local community, country and international society.
CASE – Center for Social and Economic ResearchPolandNPO case@case-research.euThe think-tank carries out policy-oriented research and development assistance projects. It is specialised in the areas of: fiscal, monetary and financial policies; sustainable development policies; and trade, innovation and productivity policies. It offers quantitative and qualitative analyses, innovative methodologies, and sound recommendations.
Casimir Pulaski FoundationPolandThink-tank office@pulaski.plThe Casimir Pulaski Foundation is an independent, non-partisan think-tank specializing in foreign policy and international security. The Pulaski Foundation provides analyses that describe and explain international developments, identify trends in international environment, and contain possible recommendations and solutions for government decision makers and private sector managers to implement.
CenEA, the Centre for Economic AnalysisPolandInstitute, the Centre for Economic Analysis, is an independent non-profit academic research institute aiming to provide rigorous, highest level analysis of the effects of economic and social policy with a focus on Poland. CenEA strives to promote effective evidence-based policy by improving the understanding of the consequences of economic and social policies on individuals, firms and the economy as a whole.
Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW)PolandInstitute info@osw.waw.plThe Centre is focused on analysis of key processes and events that take place in Poland’s broad international surrounding. It monitors political, social and economic processes, offers analyses to Polish government, as well as participates in debates in expert and academic communities in Poland and abroad.
Centre for International Relations Foundation (CIR)PolandThink-tank Centre for International Relations Foundation (CIR) was registered in 1996. It is an independent, non-governmental think tank which deals with international policy issues, as well as Polish foreign and European policy.
European Solidarity Center / Europejskie Centrum SolidarnosciPolandInstitution, Museum, Information center zwiedzanie@ecs.gda.plA museum, archive, library, and teaching facility at the same time. It strives to advance democracy and civil society.
Heinrich Böll Foundation in WarsawPolandFund pl-info@pl.boell.orgThe foundation is affiliated with the German Green Party (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen). The network serves as a think tank and a catalyst for green visions, strategies and for policy reforms towards a democratic, socio-ecological transition of society and economy.
Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Helsińska Fundacja Praw Człowieka)PolandNGO hfhr@hfhr.plHelsinki Foundation for Human Rights is a member of Human Rights House Foundation created by non-governmental organizations from Norway, the United Kingdom, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kenya and Uganda, among other countries.
Institute of Public
Affairs (IPA)
PolandThink-tank of Public
Affairs (IPA) is a leading Polish think-tank and an independent centre for policy research and analysis, established in 1995.
Instytut Kościuszki (THE KOSCIUSZKO INSTITUTE)PolandThink-tank in 2000, the Kosciuszko Institute is a leading, non-governmental and non-profit think tank and research institute. Our mission is to act in the interest of the socio-economic development and security of Poland as a proactive member of the European Union and NATO.
Labour Mobility Initiative AssociationPolandThink-tank contact@inicjatywa.euLabour Mobility Initiative since 2013 brings together the employers, scholars, workers and public administration and creates the only Polish and European forum for exchange of knowledge on the posting of workers within the freedom to provide services. Association activities are funded by the membership fees and donations.
NOMADA Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Integracji Społeczeństwa Wielokulturowego
(NOMADA Association for Multicultural Society Integration)
PolandNGO is a human rights organisation based in Wroclaw. It is focused on immigrants, foreigners and ethnic or religious minorities. It wants to break stereotypes and prejudices and it strives to shape attitudes of solidarity between people of different backgrounds and social status. Through their activities, it attempts to create relationships based on mutual understanding and good communication.
Ocalenie Foundation (Fundacja Ocalenie)PolandNGO, Fund Foundation, or Rescue Foundation, helps refugees, immigrants and repatriates build a new life in Poland.
Ocalenie Foundation was founded in the year 2000. The foundation supports migrants in integrating into society and their personal development. It is working towards a cross-cultural dialogue and strengthening the community.
Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM)PolandThink-tank sekretariat@pism.plPISM provides analytical support to decisionmakers and diplomats, initiates public debate and disseminates expert knowledge about contemporary international relations. The idea of PISM is that decision-making process in international relations should be based on knowledge that comes from reliable and valid research.
Polska Akcja Humanitarna (Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH))PolandNGO Humanitarian Action (PAH) is a Warsaw-based international non-governmental organization which for more than 20 years has been providing assistance to civilians suffering as a result of the armed conflicts, humanitarian emergencies and natural disasters in more than 40 countries worldwide.
Polski Instytut Ekonomiczny (Polish Economic Institute)PolandInstitute September 2018 was the date of entry into force of the Polish Economic Institute Act dissolving the Institute for Market, Consumption and Business Cycle Research – National Research Institute and establishing the Polish Economic Institute. The Institute provides analysis and expertise for the implementation of the Strategy for Responsible Development and helps popularise Polish economic and social research in the country and abroad.
Stowarzyszenie Centrum Pomocy Prawnej im Haliny Nieć (The Halina Nieć Legal Aid Center (HNLAC))PolandNPO, NGO biuro@pomocprawna.orgIts main objective is to protect human rights by providing free legal council to persons at risk of social exclusion and discrimination, including the poor, victims of domestic violence, foreigners, asylum seekers, refugees and the stateless. The HNLAC also monitors the adherence to standards of human rights, undertakes legal interventions and advocacy activities, and pursues research and educational projects.
Stowarzyszenie Interwencji Prawnej (Association for Legal Intervention)PolandNPO biuro@interwencjaprawna.plNon-profit organization with the aim of combating social exclusion by providing free legal advice to people whose rights and freedoms are threatened or violated.
Stowarzyszenie ‘NIGDY WIECEJ’ ('NEVER AGAIN' Association)PolandNGO redakcja@nigdywiecej.orgThe mission of the Association is to promote multicultural understanding and to contribute to the development of a democratic civil society in Poland and in the broader region of Central and Eastern Europe. It is concerned with the problem of education against racial and ethnic prejudices among the young.
WiseEuropa InstitutePolandThink-tank office@wise-europa.euWiseEuropa Institute is an independent think-tank based in Warsaw, undertaking a strategic reflection on European politics, foreign policy and economy. WiseEuropa intends to stimulate and inspire the public debate on the future of Poland and Europe.
Cee Trust PolandNGOhttps:///www.ceetrust.orgThe organisation promotes the development of civil societies in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. It assists with the funding to help non-governmental organizations gain greater self-reliance and self-sufficiency.
ARFPPolandNGO Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland tries to inspire and help to act in a very different scope. Their achievements include programs and campaigns that are social brands. They support local communities, reward socially engaged companies.
The Foundation of Polish Science PolandNGO Foundation for Polish Science (FNP), formed in 1991, is an independent, self-financing, non-profit, non-governmental organisation, with a mission of supporting science in Poland. It is the largest source of science funding in Poland outside the state budget.
Fundacja Dziedzictwo Przyrodnicze (EN: Natural Heritage Foundation)PolandNGO biuro@przyrodnicze.orgAn expert organization that groups together naturalists and foresters who act on behalf of protecting the natural heritage of the Polish Carpathians. They promote the region in Poland and abroad, but also support growth of tourism and popularizing regional products.
Fundacja Ekopotencjał przestrzeń możliwości (EN: Ecopotential Space of Opportunities Foundation)PolandEU considers cross-scale geosphere-biosphere interactions at regional to continental scales, addressing long-term and large-scale environmental and ecological challenges.
Asociatia Pro Democrația - APD
(Pro Democracy Association)
RomaniaNGO apd@apd.roa) The mission of the Pro Democratia Association is to strengthen democracy at a national and international level by stimulating civic participation. The areas of interest of the Pro Democratia Association are: improving the relationship between voters and elected, fairness of electoral process, civic education, citizen participation in the public policy making, transparency of public institutions controlled by the civil society, respect for human rights.
b) Democracy in the world + Education for democracy + Integrity in public institutions + Monitoring elections in Romania and the region + Promoting a good local governance + Accountability of the elected officials (since 1992)
Asociația Ține de NoiRomaniaNGO office@tinedenoi.roThe organisation aims to create active communities in the fields of public economics, as well as education and energy policies, and to establish a platform for debate related to problems of Romanian gvernment.
Center for Conflict Prevention and Early WarningRomaniaNGO NGO offers research in the field of international relations, conflict prevention, crisis management and early warning, as well as training and consultancy in conflict analysis and decision-making in crisis in post-soviet space.
Centre of European
RomaniaInstitute contact@europolity.eua) CES promotes education and professional training in the European Studies and International Relations field, contributing with its research projects, analysis and evaluations to a better understanding of the functioning and evolution of the processes and dynamics of world politics.
Centrul Român de Politici Europene
(The Romanian Centre of European Politics)
RomaniaThink-tank office@crpe.roThe mission of the CRPE is to promote Romania as an influential leader in the development of EU agendas and policies, advance the Europeanization processes in Romania, and to promote the European citizenship by providing expertise in various fields and by initiating or participating in public debates.
The organisation contributes to the promotion of the European priorities, democracy and human rights, as well as to establishment of a sustainable dialogue at the local level between the civil society and authorities, participation in the process of civil society education and its positive and sustainable development; and promotion of the intercultural, religious, ethnic, political and social dialogue.
Fundația Est-Europeană
(East Europe Foundation)
RomaniaNGO info@eef.mdThe mission of the foundation is to empower Moldovan citizens and foster sustainable development through education and technical assistance programs that promote democracy, foster good governance and build economic prosperity.
Fundația Hanns Seidel
(Hanns Seidel Foundation)
RomaniaFund rumaenien@hss.deThe foundation participates in the consolidation of the integration process of the older members, as well as the newly admitted countries in the EU, and focuses on acession criteria for the candidate states.
Funky CitizensRomaniaNGO
The organisation is tasked with online advocacy that aims to be educational in order to encourage young citizens to engage in acccountability and government responsibility intitiatives. It also aims to empower citizens to influence public sector reform.
Institutul Diplomatic Român
(The Romanian Diplomatic Institute)
The organisation provides expertise in the field of international relations for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and for other public or private institutions in Romania and abroad. It also organises professional training courses for the members of the Romanian Diplomatic and Consular Corps.
Institutul pentru Democrație Participativă Euro Qvorum
(The Institute for Participatory Democracy Euro Qvorum)
Qvorum's vision is that of a strong and cohesive Romania, coupled with European values. Its mission is to support the work of the public and private institutions and political parties by coagulating and disseminating expertise in the form of advanced training programs, seminars, research and applied consultancy.
”Pentru Europa” - Platformă a societăţii civile
(”For Europe” - Civil Society Platform)
A voluntary association of civil society organizations in the Republic of Moldova, which aims to strengthen the European integration and the democratic development of the country. It also has an objective to build a democratic society in based on the rule of law, political pluralism, separation of powers, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, social equity and an efficient and functional market economy .
RISE ProjectRomaniaProject
RISE Project is a community of journalists, programmers and activists. They investigate organized crime and corruption that affects Romania, Moldova and the countries in the region and aim to unveil hidden connections between criminal organizations, politicians and business people - using advanced investigation techniques and information analysis technologies.
Cooperation Programme
RomaniaCooperation programme to help reduce economic and social disparities within the enlarged European Union and between the various development regions of beneficiary countries.
The Romanian Cultural InstituteRomaniaInstitute
The Institute acts as means through which foreign audiences can experience the products of Romanian culture. Cultural exports from Romania are, for the most part, facilitated by the institute's 18 foreign branches.
Anti-Corruption AgencySerbiaAgency office@acas.rsPrevention and fight against corruption in
cooperation with public authorities, civil
sector, media. improvement of
anti-corruption policies.
Centar za razvoj neprofitnog
sektora/Centre for
development of the nonprofit
sectorCentar za razvoj neprofitnog
sektora/Centre for
development of the nonprofit
SerbiaNGO for development of civil society and
non-profit sector in Serbia, protection and
promotion of human and minority rights,
education, information, social care and
battle against corruption.
CESIDSerbiaNGO cesid@cesid.rsCentre for free election and democracy,
observing and monitoring the elections in
Economics InstituteSerbiaInstitute research and advisory
organization, providing solutions for economic improvement and development
to private and public sector.
European Movement in SerbiaSerbiaNGO office@emins.orgIndependent institution of the democratic
public and a citizens' organization that
advocates for peaceful, democratic and
full European integration and a democratic
and modern Serbia as part of Europe.
Helsinki Committee for Human
Rights in SerbiaHelsinki Committee for Human
Rights in Serbia
This NGO examining the situation of human rights in Serbia, observing and analysing the developments for Serbia’s democratic transition.
Humanitarian Law centreSerbiaNGO Supports post-Yugoslav societies in the
promotion of the rule of law and
acceptance of the legacy of mass human
rights violations, and therefore in
establishing the criminal responsibility of
the perpetrators, serving justice, and
preventing recurrence.
Information platform in4s.redakcija@gmail.comThe portal deals with political events in Montenegro and entire Balkan region with a special focus on the position of Serbian population.
Institut za Evropske posloveSerbiaNGO office@iea.rsPromotion of European values such as
human dignity, human rights and minority
rights, freedom, democracy and the rule of
law, peace, prosperity and the fight
against social exclusion and
Nasa Srbija/Our SerbiaSerbiaNGO office@nasasrbija.rsMaterial and psychological support,
implementation of cultural and educational
programs to youth in Serbia and Kosovo.
North StarSerbiaNGO theworkshop@northstarserbia.orgProviding community development and
education opportunities to Serbian youth
and the migrant community residing in
RadeiSerbiaAgency office@rarei.rsRegional development agency,
implementing projects that contribute to
the development of the Belgrade Region.
Refugee Aid SerbiaSerbiaNGO info@refugeeaidserbia.orgThe organisation that supports refugees and asylum seekers during their stay in Serbia. It is also tasked with raising awareness and educating with the purpose of combating prejudices and creating inclusive society.
The Lawyers’ Committee For Human Rights (YUCOM)SerbiaNGO is recognized as an organization advocating human rights and promoting active participation of citizens in legal initiatives. It has profiled itself and gained much recognition as human rights defenders’ organization.
Transparency SerbiaSerbiaNGO against corruption and increase transparency in state organ.
Western Balkans InstituteSerbiaInstitute office@wb-institute.orgThe mission is to promote the integration of Western Balkans and sustainable social and economic development through research, education, and professional campaigns.
Zoran Djindjic FoundationSerbiaFund office@fondacija-djindjic.orgThe foundation was established with the aim of promoting the values of the modern and democratic Balkans and preserving the legacy of Zoran Djindjic.
GLOBSECSlovakiaThink-tank info@globsec.orgGLOBSEC is a global think-tank committed to enhancing security, prosperity and sustainability in Europe and throughout the world. Its mission is to influence the future by generating new ideas and solutions for a better and safer world. GLOBSEC is a global think-tank based in Bratislava committed to enhancing security, prosperity and sustainability in Europe and throughout the world.
Transparency International SlovakiaSlovakiaNGO (watchdog) tis@transparency.skTrainings towards civic engagement and activism, watchdog role, evaluating the transparency of political offices.
Institute for Public AffairsSlovakiaNGO/Think Tank ipa@ivo.skConduct social, political and economic analyses relevant to Slovak politics and society, as well as broader trends in the region.
LEAFSlovakiaNGO info@leaf.skEducation, volunteering, connecting diaspora population to opportunities in Slovakia, engagement and support of youth.
Nadácia otvorenej spoločnosti (Open Society Foundation)SlovakiaNGO osf@osf.skNadácia otvorenej spoločnosti – Open Society Foundation has been operating in Slovakia since November 1992 as a member of well know Open Society Foundations family, present in more than 70 countries around the world. The mission is to promote the values of open society and create opportunities for people to its improvement towards a greater open-mindedness, transparency and implementation of equality of chances.
Dijaška organizacija Slovenije (DOS)SloveniaNGO info@dijaska.orgSlovenia's student organization (DOS) is a democratically organized student organization in the Republic of Slovenia.

DOS brings together all Slovenian pupils and students, represents their interests and advocates their realization.
Institute for Economic Research (IER)SloveniaInstitute ier@ier.siThe Institute is focused on macroeconomic and microeconomic analysis. It offers research and consulting activities in the fields of international competitiveness, strategic planning, organizational and financial restructuring of enterprises, feasibility studies etc.
Agency for Legislative InitiativesUkraineNGO tasks of this NGO is to monitor political processes and activities of authorities, provide advice on political and legal issues, and prapre and publish analyses.
Akademie der Ukrainischen PresseUkraineNGO
Anticorruption headquarter of KyivUkraineNGO
Anticorruption headquarter is a civic organization established in the summer of 2014. We set ourselves the goal of identifying corruption schemes, robberies of the budget and community resources, and other corruption violations of the authorities in order to bring them to justice.
UkraineNGO umdpl.association@gmail.comThe Association is a non-political and non-profit non-governmental organization. It is funded from the budgets of current projects, but not all of the planned projects can be financed, therefore, most of the work is carried out on a voluntary basis.
Bürgerbewegung „Für die Zukunft“UkraineMovement vgo.zamaybutne@gmail.comThe mission of the organisation is to educate young political elite, participate in various programs for the protection of democratic freedoms, and educate youth of military matters.
Center for Civil Initiatives (CeHrIn)UkraineNGO aim of the organisation is to educate about and implement the principles of self-organisation and self-administration in society. The ultimate goal is development of an effective civil society in Ukraine.
Center for European InitiativesUkraineNPO info@eu.sumy.uaThe NGO works on development of educational programmes to promote European and Euro-Atlantic integrations of Ukraine, development of information campaigns reding problems of integrations, and coordination of youth exchange programmes to promote intercultural dialogue.
Centre of Policy and Legal ReformUkraineNGO promotes implementing reforms in Ukraine in following areas: Constitutional order; Public administration; Judiciary; Criminal justice; Combatting corruption; European integration; Access to public information and e-government; Democracy, rule of law, good governance.
Crimea SOSUkraineNGO objective is to draw attention and raise awareness to the illegality of the Crimean occupation and repressive policies of the Russian Federation.
Civil Network OPORAUkraineNGO organisation monitors governmental compliance with the law; encourages participation in democratic processes; promotes sustainable democratic culture; generates public demand for anti-populism in public policy and administration; and participates in policy-making process.
Democratic actionUkraineNGO demaction@ukr.netThe NGO is focused on the promotion of tolerance and European integration in society, fight against corruption, and endorsement of European culture.
Donetsk Youth Debate CentreUkraineFund am@openukraine.orgThe organisation aims to develop and improve civil society though the implementation of training programmes, such as debates, conferences, trainings and etc.
East Europe Foundation (EEF)UkraineNGO Foundation (EF) began operating in Ukraine in 1993. Since then, EF has invested more than USD 44 mln in grants, loans and technical assistance in Ukraine, more than USD 6 mln in Belarus and more than USD 4 mln in Moldova for local initiatives to develop private entrepreneurship, public policy and civil society.
Entwicklung der DemokratieUkraineNGO
Europäischer DialogUkraineNGO dialog@dialog.lviv.uaThe center aims to bring systemic change through community initiatives and formation of partnerships between communities, non-governmental sector and local self-governining bodies.
Europäisches Jugendparlament UkraineUkraineNGO info@eyp-ua.orgThe mission of EYP Ukraine is to encourage Ukraininan youth to actively engage in citizenship and cultural understanding.
Fortschrittliche Rechtliche Initiative («Передові правові ініціативи»)UkraineNGO vgoppi@gmail.comThe primary objective of this NGO is promoting and protecting socio-economic interests of the organisation, promote international cooperation in the field of civil rights protection, monitor the elections in Ukraine, provide legal assistence.
Institut für Euro-Atlantische ZusammenarbeitUkraineThink Tank organisation focuses on the Euro-Atlantic integrations of Ukraine through political analyses and and political forecasts of international relations and foreign policy.
Institut für Politische BildungUkraineNGO deals with the education and training of young elected officials in the regions of Ukraine and the development of the civil society.
Institut für soziale Forschungen und politische AnalyseUkraineInstitute disrpa@gmail.comThe organisation promotes democratic values, as well as supports education, science and culture.
Institute of Society TransformationUkraineInstitute admin.osp@gmail.comThe organisation promotes the development of independent, free, and democratic Ukraine. It also supports the establishment of the economic alliance of the Baltic and Black Sea countries and formation of peaceful relations between Russia and Ukraine.
Internews UkraineUkraineNGO info@internews.uaThe promotion of European values in Ukraine through the establishment of successful media. Over the past 20 years, the Internews-Ukraine team has implemented 394 projects, conducted 1,164 different events (trainings, conferences, seminars, street campaigns, flash mobs), which was attended by over 20,585 participants from all over Ukraine. From the moment of its creation until December 31, 2016, the organization produced 343 television and 1,308 radio programs on political, economic and social issues' topics, provided technical and legal support to 911 editors and journalists from Ukraine, other countries of Eastern Europe, as well as Central Asia.
Laboratory of Legislative InitiativesUkraineNGO mission is to promote the consolidation of democratic values, the development of political culture and legal consciousness of citizens and politicians, the dissemination of best international practices for the formation of effective state institutions, and the promotion of the European integration vector of Ukraine's development.
NATO-Ukraine Civic LeagueUkraineAssociation ua-nato@ukr.netAn NGO that supports Ukrainian Euro-Atlantic path. It aims to increase public engagement in discussing key issues of Uhraine's security, raise awareness about collective security systems, and strengthen Euro-Atlantic aspirations of the country.
Institute of Political EducationUkraineNGO's task is organisation and implementation of diverse projects aimed at the development of democracy and the establishment of civil society in Ukraine.
Reanimation Package of ReformsUkraineNGO platforma.reform@gmail.comIt functions as a coordination center for 80 non-governmental organizations and 22 expert groups which develop, promote, and control implementation of the reforms.The task is to consolidate public efforts, turn the public into a subject of policy-making, promote and control implementation of the reforms, as well as organize public awareness campaigns regarding these transformations for the Ukrainian society and the international community.
Forum UkraineUkraineNGO organisation promotes cooperation and exchange of information between the various national NGOs in Ukrained.
Ostukrainisches Zentrum der bürgerlichen InitiativenUkraineNGO zahumanrights@gmail.comThe organisation offers free legal advice to civil society organisations and community activists and technical support for the media. It also holds seminars and trainings courses on topics of tolerance, democracy, and self-governance.
Regionalzentrum für europäische IntegrationsprojekteUkraineNGO eua.projects@gmail.comThe organisation focuses on implementation of projects within the domains of education, science, society and etc.
Society Initiatives InstituteUkraineNGO SII is tasked with implementation of special trainings and educations for public institutions and companies, as well as overall contribution towards the development of civil society.
Stiftung der VolksideenUkraineNGO NGO promotes transparency and openness in the work of authorities and anti-corruption.
The Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation (DIF)UkraineFund is an analytical center promotes Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine, reforms of educational system, reintegration of the occupied Ukrainian territories.
The Institute for Economic Research and Policy ConsultingUkraineInstitute institute@ier.kyiv.uaThe organisation aims to develop an alternative view of the key problems of the socio-economic development in ukraine. It offers expert assessments of situations in the field of economics and promotes the development of economic and social sciences.
The Regional Press Development InstituteUkraineNGO is focused on journalistic research and assisting journalists with access to information.
The Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research (UCIPR)UkraineNGO is a think-tank that develops democratic procedures in government policy, thus promoting among the public the idea of irreversibility of democratic changes. It provides analysis of democracy and good governance, reports on socio-political processes, and organises
communication platforms and education.
Ukrainisches Institut für Internationale PolitikUkraineNGO organization works on the topics of European integration, international relations and decentralization.
Ukrainian School of Political StudiesUkraineNGO USPS brings leaders from political sphere, business, media, and academic in orer to create a forum for dialogue and a single communication space for people who deal with basic humanistic values and democratic principles and values.
U.S – Ukraine FoundationUkraineNGO info@usukraine.orgThe foundation promotes the exchange of information and strengthening of relations between Ukraine and the United States with an aim of building peace and ensuring prosperity. It supports democracy, free market, and human rights in Ukraine.
Wählerkomitee der UkraineUkraineNGO cvu@cvu.kiev.uaThe objective of the organisation is to protect the rights of voters, contribute to voter education, motivate youth to be politically active, and organise forums with political candidates.
Women's Consortium of UkraineUkraineNGO organisation focuses on protection and promotion of gender equality and children's rights.
Zentrum der politischen Analyse und WahlberatungUkraineNGO cpaec.volyn@gmail.comThe NGO provides the services of informing the regional population about political events, changes in electoral law, political activities in the region, and support of development of local self-government.
Zivilplattform „Neues Land“UkraineNGO office@novakraina.orgThe organization deals with the strategic development and systematic implementation of reforms in Ukraine.
Internationale Organisation Ukraine-Polen-DeutschlandUkraine
NGO NGO aims to develop mutual understanding and improve relations between Ukraine, Poland, and Germany. It promotes cooperation between the countries and comprehensive public discussion on socio-political issues.
Baltic StatesBaltic States
Association for the Advancement of Baltic StudiesBaltic StatesAssociation aabs@uw.eduIt is committed to promoting the importance of the Baltic Studies. The organsiation provides scholarship, organises conferences, and informs citizens regarding latest news from the region.
Balkan, let's get up!BalkansNGO info@balkansletsgetup.orgBalkans, let’s get up! inspires and empowers young adults from 11 Balkan countries to become active citizens and initiate change in their societies.
Balkan Network for Local DemocracyBalkansNGO bnld@aldaintranet.orgBalkan regional platform for youth participation and dialogue aims on increasing awareness on youth participation, youth activism and the possibilities of young people creating and influencing the policies closely related to them. One of the goals of the Platform is to improve cooperation and the coordination between Civil Society (CS) and the public authorities with the active participation of youngsters, through the creation Regional Network for Local Democracy.
BIRNBalkansNGO network of local non-governmental organisations promoting freedom of speech, human rights and democratic values in the Balkans.
Catalyst BalkansBalkansNGOhttps://www.catalystbalkans.orgs info@catalystbalkans.orgOur goal is to support the development and expansion of locally-sourced philanthropy and to increase knowledge exchange within the philanthropy community in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia.
Center of Peace BuildingBalkansNGO unvocim@yahoo.comThe Center for Peacebuilding (CIM) seeks to rebuild trust and foster reconciliation among the people of Bosnia—Croats, Serbs, Bosniaks, and others—as well as support peace processes in other countries that have suffered from violent conflict.
LDA Zavidovici (connected with ALDA)BalkansNGO
It was created as a spontaneous initiative of a group of
peace activists who had gathered around the Coordination
of solidarity initiatives in Brescia in 1992 during the war in
Bosnia and Herzegovina
SALTO YOUTHBalkansNGO participation@salto-youth.netThe SALTO South East Europe Resource Centre promotes co-operation between Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme Countries and the Programme's neighbouring partner countries in the Western Balkan region.
The Balkan Trust for Democracy (BTD) - (Amerikanischer Einfluss)BalkansNGO balkantrust@gmfus.orgThe Balkan Trust for Democracy (BTD) is an initiative that supports democracy, good governance, and Euroatlantic integration in Southeastern Europe. This award-winning public-private partnership was created in 2003 by the German Marshall Fund of the United States, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Dealing with the PastWestern Balkans
NGO info@dwp-balkan.orgDWP engages a large number of organisations, initiatives, and individuals in their activities and publications. The organisation focuses on the life after conflict, reconciliation, conflict prevention and peacebuilding.
German Civil Peace Servicein MOSO: Balkans / UkraineNGO kontakt@ziviler-friedensdienst.orgThe programme is focused on preventing violence and promoting peace in crisis and regions prone to conflict. It advocates for peaceful settlements of conflicts and supports local people in their commitment towards open dialogue, human rights, and peace.
Visegrád GroupVisegrád Group
Visegrad FundVisegrád GroupFund viseg­rad­fund@visegradfund.orgThe fund is an international donor organisations with an im to promote regional cooperation in the Visegrad region but also between V4 and other states. It awards grants and scholarships on annual basis.
Visegrad SchoolVisegrád Group, Eastern Partnership, Western BalkansNGO joint project between European Academy of Diplomacy and the Council of Europe that brings together young politicians, civil society activists, journalists and civil servants from the countries of the Visegrád Group for seminars to help increase involvement in the democratic processes, foster exchange of information and strengthen regional cooperation among a new generation of Central European political actors.
MOSO International
Ansammlung von Organisationen im deutschsprachigen RaumGermany
Networkhttps://www.osteuropa-netzwerk.netNetwork consisting of more than 150 institutions that offer information on Eastern Europe. It provides an integrated access to a large number of databases, mailing lists, event calendars, and collection of links regarding Eastern Europe on their homepage.
Berliner Osteuropa-ExpertenDeutschlandInformation press reviews, expert opinions, and debates about reform movements in Central and Eastern Europe.
Deutsche Gesellschaft
für Osteuropakunde e.V.
GermanyAssociation info@dgo-online.orgLargest association for Eastern European research in German speaking area. It provides a forum for the discussion of politics, economy, and culture in Central and Eastern Europe.
DVV InternationalGermanyAssociation organisation represents the intersts of cca 900 adult education centres and their state associations. It specialises in the fields of adult education and development cooperation, and supports life-long learning.
European Centre for Minority IssuesGermanyFund info@ecmi.deThe centre offers advice and consultancy services on minority policy and conducts research in this area. It also coordinates training courses on institution building.
HEINRICH BÖLL STIFTUNGGermanyFund info@rs.boell.orgWe are responsible for the Foundation’s work in Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro. In our topics sections (Democracy & Development, Energy & Environment, Education & Culture, and Europe) we provide information about events that we organize independently or in cooperation with other organizations.
InMOE - Initiative Mittel und Osteuropa e.V.GermanyNGO, Network info@initiative-moe.deInMOE strengthens, unites, and inspires young civil society actors to effect positive change in their communities. The organisation conducts trainings, forums, and other events that empower individuals and foster international partnerships.
Konrad Adenauer StiftungGermanyFund Office.Belgrade@kas.deThe organisation coordinates projects across Serbia and Montenegro with an aim to strengthen democratisation and contribute to lasting political stability in both states.
Robert Bosch StiftungGermanyFund online.redaktion@bosch-stiftung.deThe foundation deals with the areas of education, health, global issues, and strategic partnership. It follows the legacy of Robert Bosch and continues his commitment to social causes in contemporary form.
Erste StiftungAustriaNGO office@erstestiftung.orgThe primary underlying strategy of helping people to become active members of society under their own steam is a well-established practice in development cooperation and community support across the globe today.
Europäisches Forum AlpbachAustriaNGO forum@alpbach.orgThe European Forum Alpbach is a non-profit association based in Vienna, Austria. Its main event is the self-titled interdisciplinary international conference which takes place in Alpbach, Austria, every summer.
WUS AUSTRIAAustriaNGO office@wus-austria.orgThe organisation works on projects with the purpose of succssfully implementing the Bologona Process at the University of Montenegro, promoting academic mobility, and preparing students for European higher education system.
TransConflictBritainFund office@transconflict.comTransconflict möchte NGO's und Organisationen näher zusammen bringen, die sich mit Conflict transformation befassen. TransConflict fokussiert sich bei Konflikttransformation vor allem auf 5 Felder: Akteure, Kontext, Issue, Regeln, Strukturen.
ALDA – The European Association for Local DemocracyEurope
(Council of Europe)
NGO alda@aldaintranet.orgALDA – The European Association for Local Democracy, is dedicated to the promotion of good governance and citizen participation at the local level. ALDA focuses on activities facilitating cooperation between local authorities and civil society.
Citizens of EuropeEuropeNGO, NPO office@citizens-of-europe.euCitizens of Europe is a politically independent, non-governmental and non-profit oriented network of people from diverse backgrounds which is open for everybody perceiving diversity as an opportunity.
ERRCEuropeNGO office@errc.orgThe European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) is a Roma-led international public interest law organisation working to combat anti-Romani racism and human rights abuse of Roma through strategic litigation, research and policy development, advocacy and human rights education.
European Fund for Southeast EuropeEuropeNGO info@efse.luThe EFSE is a Public-Private Partnership that brings together donor agencies, international finance institutions and private institutional investors.
European Movement Int.Europe
Branches in whole MOSO
NGO secretariat@
The Movement seeks to provide a platform to encourage and facilitate active participation of citizens and stakeholders across various sectors in the development of European solutions to shared and common challenges. It supports the idea of European cooperation and integration, based on democratic principles, peace, liberty, and solidarity.
European Network Rememberance and Solidarity Europe (Poland, Hungary Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, Albania Latvia Austria, GermanyNetwork Headquarter in Warsaw) office@enrs.euThe ENRS deals with former dictatorship regimes and conflict. It organises educational events and conferences in an aim to improve European relations with the respect of common history.
European Student Think TankEuropeThink-tank European Student Think Tank is an International Organization that involves young people in the European policy-making process and promotes the values of the European Union and Human Rights.
SALTO-YOUTH (generelles EU Programm)EuropaNGO is a network of eight Resource Centres working on European priority areas within the youth field.
Solidarity AcademyEuropeProject international project aimed at inspiring and supporting the development of the young leaders across Europe.

OSZEInternationalOrganisation pm@osce.orgThe mission supports the country in the process of reforms and assists the processes of consolidation and transition towards democratic society. It focuses on legislative reforms, institution-building, fight against corruption, strengthening human rights and protecting minorities, security sector reforms, and promotion of economic development and environmental protection.
Think tanks worldwide which include the MOSO region as well