Photo Competition

Here you will find the 10 best contributions for the FOMOSO Photo Competition 2018. Thanks again to all participants!

1. Place | Protests in Romania – A protest of solidarity for a solidaric, opinion-free, just and respectful society

2. Place | Hard and soft borders in the Balkans and the existence of tensions


3. Place | Facets of life in the Republic of Belarus and what effects (lack of) support can have.


4. Place | Donezk in Eastern Ukraine – Everyday life in a state of emergency


5. Place | Western Ukraine – The daily visit of a grandmother with Alzheimer’s to her son’s grave


6. Place | Hungary & Romania – Contemporary realities captured in images


7. Place | Contrasts between Poor & Rich and Old & Young in the Republic of Moldova


8. Place | Greece – Refugee children from Syria on the way to normal school life


9. Place | Poland – Demonstrations in Warsaw for women’s rights and the right to abortion



0. Place | Ukraine and the path from Euromaidan, in addition to deepening political and economic relations with the European Union (EU)

Majdan Nesaleschnosti (Photo: Elena Ruxandra Seniuc)European Union’s Eastern Partnership (Photo: Elena Ruxandra Seniuc)