News report by Martina Plantak

Today, 25. 11. 2019, more than 20’000 people, manly professors, have gathered at the „Ban Jelačič“ main square in Zagreb, where, under the slogan, „Croatia must do better (Hrvatska mora bolje)“ were striking, with the request for the government to increase the wages of professors and educators.

The union is asking the government for a 6.11 percent increase of the  coefficient in the educational sector.

To remind, the strike has been going on for 30 days and, according to union of educators, more than 90% of professors and educators in Croatian elementary and high schools were on strike. Before the decision on the frontal strike and the complete suspension of schooling throughout the country, a circular strike was in effect in which every day,  schools from different Croatian counties were not holding classes.

Both union as well as government still have not shared  with public information  about the content of the negotiations they are leading, which means that it is not yet known when classes in Croatian schools will start again.

According to the union leader, Branimir Mihalinec: „If they will be able to find some kind of solution with the government, in the next two days, a referendum would be held in their membership, and it could be possible that from Thursday on,  classes will be held again.“