Independence Day of Albania - The National Human Solidarity Day

Independence Day of Albania - The National Human Solidarity Day

Independence Day of Albania – The National Human Solidarity Day

The 28th of November marks the Independence Day of Albania. This month is considered as the month of national celebrations, but today a country is facing the aftermath of a natural disaster. On the 26th of November, the country was hit by the worst earthquake in decades. As of today, there are more than 40 people dead and 670 injured. All the festivities related to the Independence Day have been cancelled. Albania, Kosovo and other Albanian speaking regions in North Macedonia have declared a day of mourning to honour the victims. Teams of rescuers from Kosovo, Italy, Greece, Romania, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Israel are helping the Albanian officials to find the survivors. At the same time, the Balkan countries and Albanian Diaspora have shown impressive solidarity by offering help in different means. As the government has declared the state of emergency, all the focus is put in enabling more funds and providing humanitarian aid. Today Albania will not be celebrating its Independence Day, today is the National Human Solidarity Day. It is a day to help the ones in need and show sympathy to everyone in sorrow! #PrayForAlbania

E. Zemzadja

Erisa Zemzadja – holds a Bachelor Degree in Political Sciences & International Relations from Bahcesehir University in Turkey. She graduated with a Master in Political Sciences from Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium. After her studies, she worked in the non-profit sector in Brussels promoting rights of different groups facing inequalities. She mainly assisted in the management and administration of European projects regarding rights of people with disabilities and empowerment of women in society. In addition to these experiences, she volunteered in Turkey and Belgium for different organisations that aimed to empower socially disadvantaged children and youngsters. Her interest areas are: human rights, gender & environmental issues, comparative politics & democratization, election & political participation, European politics & Enlargement policy. Currently, she is a contributor at FOMOSO for Albania, Kosovo and the region.

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