Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe (MOSO) is without question an important factor for the political future of Europe. The further European integration of this region was and is of great importance for many reasons. However, various socio-political problems in Europe are slowing down the integration process. Is there a risk in the future that states in MOSO will return to national statehood or will the engine of integration get going again? What role can Switzerland and should the EU play in MOSO?

FOMOSO was founded to answer these and other questions. The aim is to bring MOSO into the political focus and thus to promote knowledge and commitment. In this sense, the call for contributions is a means of drawing attention to current political issues in MOSO.

Contributions to a call for posts can be very creative. This means that not only documents (e.g. articles or essays) are desired, but also visual and creative works (e.g. caricatures, pictures, songs, videos, presentations, etc.). Nevertheless, there are certain framework conditions for the call for contributions in order to keep Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe in the socio-political perspective:

• All contributions must be related to the MOSO region.

• Contributions should relate to political issues.

• Articles, essays and scientific contributions must be submitted with correct references.

• Articles must contain at least 300 words, essays and scientific analyzes (research) at least 1500 or 3000 words.

• Opinions and criticisms are very welcome, but they must not be based on incorrect information. (e.g. incorrect historical context, invalid citations, etc.).

• Opinions (blog) and criticisms are not subject to a minimum number of words, but they should at least be reasoned.

• Videos (e.g. presentations), audio recordings, songs should not be longer than 10 minutes